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Think of this network is a scared container where you can get ALL your questions answered in regards to your sexuality, your health, and your beliefs about love, sex and relationships.

Dr. Willow is here to support you in transcending all the old habits and patterns that keep showing up in your relationships.  

If she doesn't already have a solution for you she will find one!  She is devoted to your success in love and happiness.  

This network is safe, private and secure, so don't hold back with your questions and comments!

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Where else can you find a Sexologist who specializes in Endocrinology via the lens of Chinese Medicine & Functional Medicine?  

Whether you are struggling with hormones and libido, or connection and communication, Dr. Willow has got your back!  

She works with her patients and clients from the most holistic perspective possible.  So not only will you be enjoying better sex & more orgasms, but your diet will improve, your outlook on life will evolve and you will feel lighter & sexier in your body.

Give Thanks

It takes courage to open pandora's box on sexuality, most people never do it. 

They keep their secrets and shame and fear and doubt tightly packed away inside of themselves.  The problem is that this leads to dis-ease, pain and suffering, none of which will support your evolution!  

That's why I am so deeply grateful to have you HERE with us, so that you can clear the many layers of sexual stigma and trauma that our culture has impressed upon you and find your true sexual sovereignty.

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